More commemorative dates and less Brand Building

Did you speak in (Holiday)? spoke in Spamming on all channels of communication, equal arts and messages that reflect little of the daily commitment of brands.

Commemorative dates (holidays) have existed since our country became independent ?, created for specific purposes these dates are for the nation to celebrate or reflect on a milestone.

In the communication market, commemorative dates play a strategic role because brands can take advantage of the vibration and unique message of the day to position themselves and reach more people who celebrate in the same wave.

At the same time (often) they are a great trap and illusion of positioning because there are 28 million Mozambicans who are consuming “Happy May 1st” from 0:00 to 23:59 and as you can predict these people should be thanking you for plus a holiday meaning that it’s less 1 day of fighting for the plate, less 1 day to face the traffic jam and 1 plus 1 day to rest and have fun.

Unfortunately, this is not the perception that the Communications Offices of brands have, the commemorative dates are still seen as World Cup, so it is celebrated until the day of the Onion as if Independence Day was, this makes all the effort and resources (few that exist) are only to communicate on commemorative dates. Result: The brand is never built and is consumed because it is only available and not because it is preferred.

Brand building is not done once a month in the “most printed” newspaper at national level or, as it is said: with greater circulation, but daily through consistent, regular content and in several Offline channels and Online. No one gains muscle, body mass or definition going to the gym once a month.

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