In the land of form who has purpose is King

In the creative continent there are several countries / kingdoms and with each passing day it becomes clear that the population in the kingdom of FORM is increasing, market pressure, normalization of the basic, passion for tools and equipment are one of the factors responsible for this growth.

It is increasingly difficult to find ideas that are not well executed (FORM) in every universe of content. Every day, well-written songs, well written texts, well-made videos, well-designed clothes and well-publicized advertising campaigns are launched.

All this perfection of pixels, paragraphs, sounds, and structures is made up of the majority of the kingdom’s population. And as we know the kingdom has King, the question is how to find a King when everyone goes in the direction of FORM?

The answer is: swim against the tide toward those who put the PURPOSE before the form, who put the process and questions before the tools and this is where the ‘Wauw’ ‘Ohhhh’ ‘Incredible and impossible’ come up.

If you look around or search your mind you will see that all the memorable things you have have a high value of Purpose and lastly (rarely) of execution. Find out who did it and you’ll see it was a KING.

We live in the age where everything is beautiful, but little is memorable.

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