Hurry in the results, the Marketing villain

Investing in Marketing is a difficult process, first because entrepreneurs in doing so mean they have gone through several processes of hearing opinions and doubts as to whether it really is necessary and will work. So investing in Marketing ceases to be a matter of financial resources, but rather an investment culture.

In recent times with the emergence of digital is very clear the rush to see results and the banalization of the process of brand building and positioning by many businessmen, often for lack of knowledge and others because they saw a case of very simple success of the Coca-Cola or NIKE on Facebook and think that result was made / achieved on a “Hurry” day has already taken hold. It is not about POST, video or quantity of comments and shares, it is about strategy, planning and market knowledge.

What many do not know is that Marketing is not a horse race that is done with an injection of adrenaline and wins who arrives first, but rather a race of resistance where it wins who can keep on moving for a long time.

A warning to anyone who wants to invest in Marketing: Respect the process and do not be in a hurry to get results, because the probability of spending more money and increase frustrations is greater.

The rush can be villainous in the history of your brand, avoid it.

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